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Deputy Presiding Officer, Appeals (FRENCH)

The Deputy Presiding Officer, Appeals (FRENCH) is responsible for:

  • Drawing on eligible, senior APRs to constitute an appeal panel in January;
  • Coaching the appeal panel graders on their role and guiding them toward a consensus decision;
  • The role is time-sensitive as appeal decisions must be reached by the last week in January and the appeal review takes place in January.
  • Convening the consensus teleconference call at a mutually convenient time for all graders on the panel.
  • The DPO does not make the decision on the appeal alone; rather, the DPO works with the senior grader panel to arrive at a fair and reasoned decision.
The time commitment: 6 – 10 hours from mid-December to January 31.

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Chief Examiner (Beginning January 1, 2020)

As a member of the National Council on Accreditation, the Chief Examiner is responsible for:

  • Managing the national accreditation examination process in both official languages
  • Ensuring the process is fair and transparent
  • Assuring continuity and consistency in testing throughout Canada
  • Setting a high professional standard for the administration of the examination process
  • Developing and reviewing the format, content and marking criteria for the exam based on CPRS guidelines, and in consultation with the national office and an exam development committee that includes educators
  • Appointing, orienting and directing regional examiners and graders
  • Adhering to the accreditation schedule
  • Distributing relevant information and material in a timely manner to candidates, examiners and the National Office
  • Advising unsuccessful candidates of their area(s) of weakness, helping them work to a recognized level of proficiency
  • Reporting regularly to the National Council on the status of the examination process, candidate progress and success rates
  • Being available to coach candidates who have failed and appeal their work sample grade so that they may raise their mark to a pass before the fall written and oral exams. (This service is optional for candidates.)
  • Participating in succession planning for the position.
The time commitment: Must commit to a three-year term (renewable once) and a minimum of 100 hours per year.

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APR Graders 

APR Graders will be responsible for:
  • Marking both oral and written APR exams, as well as evaluating candidate work samples; 
  • Participating in Grader Orientation Sessions in order to:
    • remain familiar with the marking process;
    • discuss current issues and new developments in the accreditation program;
    • discuss difficult scenarios along with other new or experienced graders;  
    • stay current with the views of graders across the country.
Eligibility Requirements: 
To become a CPRS grader for the Accreditation Program, one must meet the following requirements:
  1. must be a current member of CPRS
  2. must have held the APR designation for at least 5 years
  3. must not have any other role in the accreditation program that may pose a conflict of interest.  e.g. Accreditation Chairs are not eligible graders because they are involved in mentoring candidates.
The time commitment: Minimum of one year, with hours varying based on size of candidate pool. 

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If you'd like to learn more about supporting our Certifications portfolio, contact Aisling Bermingham at certifcation@cprs.ca or 416-239-7034 ext. 248.

Local Advisory Committee

As a member of the conference's Local Advisory Committee (LAC), you will be responsible for:

  • Providing advice on theme, venue and entertainment options for the conference social events.
  • Providing advice and suggestions for local suppliers and in some instances may act as a liaison between suppliers and CPRS National office
  • Providing advice and contact information for potential cash and in-kind sponsors from the community and region
  • Recruiting 20-40 conference volunteers to assist in staging the conference
  • Appointing 1-2 well known CPRS members from the host community to act as ambassador or champion for the conference and host community and assist in promoting the conference.
  • Work with National office to deliver a presentation at the National Conference one year prior to promote the conference next year.
Time commitment: 8-12 months, with hours varying depending on sub-committee involvement. 

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If you'd like to learn more about supporting the National Conference, contact Jessica Symons at jsymons@cprs.ca or 416-239-7034 ext. 332.
The National Advocacy and Public Relations Committee is currently looking for passionate CPRS members to join its ranks. By serving on the Committee, you'll help pursue its mandate of being responsible for advocacy for the public relations profession to:
  • Strengthen our position as a leading voice and advocate for public relations and communications management on core issues in Canada.
  • Advocate for ethical, strategic practice.
  • Promote our vision and build trust.
  • Look for opportunities to elevate and promote member successes.
CPRS members from Quebec, those fluent in French, as well as members of the CPRS President's Council are strongly encouraged to apply.

This committee requires a minimum of one-year commitment.

Contact Cam McAlpine, APR or Julie Rogers, APR to learn more.
If you don't see an opportunity that matches your skills, fill out our general volunteer application and we'll be in touch when a suitable role comes up.