Membership Categories

NEW: Employer Group Membership (EGM)

There's a new CPRS membership program in town. The Employer Group Membership (EGM) is now available for new and existing CPRS members who work in organizations with five or more CPRS members. With it comes discounts of up to 25% off CPRS national programs and services.

If you're an employer, you'll be interested to know that memberships in the EGM program are now transferable from one employee to another. You'll also appreciate the streamlined renewal process with one date and one invoice.

For existing CPRS members, if your organization qualifies under the EGM criteria, you can retain your individual membership status with no change to ownership, renewal dates and gain immediate access to the discounts!

Click here to see if your organization qualifies!


Membership is voluntary and is restricted to individuals (not firms) who are engaged in the practice of public relations on behalf of business and industrial concerns, consulting firms, trade and professional associations, governments, educational institutions, health and welfare organizations, and other similar endeavors.

Eligibility requirements are fully described in Part 4, Section 3 of the Society's National Regulations. To be eligible for membership in the Canadian Public Relations Society, applicants must devote most of their work-for-pay time to the practice of public relations, have a degree in public relations, or be a career teacher or administrator engaged in public relations / communications education at an accredited post-secondary institution.


Accredited Members
Accredited Members must be Members of CPRS with a minimum of five years' experience in full-time public relations and, having voluntarily engaged in special studies, submitted a work sample and passed a written and oral examination conducted by the National Council on Accreditation of the Society. Accredited members have met high standards in experience, character and reputation in the field of public relations. They are entitled to use the designation APR (Accredited Public Relations).

Members shall be considered by the Executive Director and local Membership Chair if they meet the requirements established by the Regulations.

Life Members
Life Members are honoured with Life Membership by their Member Society for their contribution both to public relations and the Society.

Individual Members
Individual Members are those Members located at a considerable distance from a Member Society, the geographic area for which is established by the Board of Directors, or who live outside Canada, and who meet the requirements of eligibility.

On the date of application, the individual has been employed full time less than two years in public relations. After two years of membership at the Affiliate level, the member would be required to renew as a full member.
Retired Members
Retired Members are Members who have retired from active work in the field and meet the prerequisites for this category.


Applicants who are not devoting most of their work-for-pay time to the practice or teaching public relations can be considered as "associates." Applicants for this category are considered by the National Office if they meet the requirements established in the Regulations.

Inactive Members
Inactive Members are Members who have withdrawn from full-time employment in the practice of public relations.