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PRK Testimonial Videos

New practitioners, recent graduates and students currently enrolled in public relations programs across the country will be sharing their thoughts on the PRK exam through video testimonials, which will be made available for viewing. Click on the videos below to hear what they are saying about opportunities the PRK exam can provide.


*The views expressed in the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® Exam testimonial videos are those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views of the academic institution they are attending.


PRK Quotes

"Preparing for and taking the PRK [Exam] was a very positive experience. It was a great opportunity to brush up on, and demonstrate, my knowledge of PR theory. I would recommend it to all PR students and young PR professionals!"

Calyn Pettit
Public Relations Specialist
Hamilton Health Sciences

"The CPRS PRK exam brings a new standard to the public relations industry and provides a unique opportunity for up and coming communicators to distinguish themselves from their peers. I would highly recommend this exam to anyone who is debating taking it as it demonstrates a practitioner's dedication to ethical practices, continuous learning and professionalism in the industry. Thank you to the CPRS for providing this opportunity."

Michelle Crossland
Account Coordinator
Corpen Group

"I was just expressing to faculty today that my writing in certain situations is what I need to work on, regardless of my grade in writing class. This certainly makes those expressions ring true. I'm not used to failing in class situations or low marks for that matter, but I have to remind myself I am still a novice to the thought process the exam had me go through, and at the time of the exam just finishing my fifth month of a PR course. I have to keep learning and growing."

2013 PRK Participant

"I am frequently asked by public relations job seekers and public relations students how they can demonstrate their abilities and qualifications to potential employers. I now have a very good answer: the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® Exam. Having been involved in the development of the PRK exam, I know it is relevant to the very practical aspects of practicing public relations in Canada and to the public relations body of knowledge. My other piece of advice about the PRK: make sure you are well prepared to take it because it really does separate those who know, from those who do not."

Sheridan McVean, MBA, APR
Public Relations Consultant and Educator