Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® exam
Your Entry to Practice

Is the PRK exam for you?

If you are starting your career in public relations and wondering if the PRK exam is for you, you may find it helpful to understand the learning objectives that are evaluated by the exam:

  • identify commonly understood public relations theories and practices;
  • formulate communications strategies and tactics appropriate for a number of described business situations;
  • distinguish between correct and incorrect terms and processes typically used in public relations, corporate communications and marketing communications;
  • employ appropriate editing skills to create error-free copy;
  • clearly and correctly express concepts and arguments in writing;
  • analyze a described workplace situation and apply sound judgment in creating an appropriate solution.

Next exam:

The next Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® exam will take place on at locations across Canada on Saturday, May 26, 2018.  Last date to apply is Wednesday, May 23, 2017 (subject to location availability).
Consider doing the PRK exam if you are in your first five years of your career, following your post-secondary studies. Passing the PRK exam can open doors and communicate to employers that you are ready for workplace challenges.

The PRK Readiness Program is a good tool to prepare for the exam and includes:

  • The Study Guide
  • CPRS Style Guide
  • Recommended reading list
  • Webinar to prepare for the exam
  • Additional links to online resources

Congratulations to those who have successfully completed the PRK exam!

Kate Abel | CV
Bram Abramson
Melissa Andrade | CV
Jas Badesha
Karlie Beiko
Leanne Laverick | CV
Iseul (Sally) Lee | CV
Tom Llewellin | CV
Kealy Litun

Vivian Binnema
Taylor Blades
Véronique Blais
Jacquie Lycka | CV
Kara MacInnes
Shelby MacLeod
Emily Brennan
Joshua Brighton | CV
Shantae Manders
Octavio Ulises Martinez
Emma Bowie | LinkedIn
Kimberly Castlemain
Warren Mitchell
Deanna Miyauchi
Audrey Champagne
Jennifer Collins | Bio
Mallory McCredie
Erin Morawetz
Michelle Crossland | Bio
Hazel Currie
Heather Olynick | CV
Maggie Darling | LinkedIn
Ashley Degrace
Dahlia Orcajada
Colleen Dunbar| CV Samantha Peck
Jaclyn Edwards
Calyn Pettit
Hannah Rose Pratt
Nicole Fitch
Jordan Fitzgerald| Bio
Katrina Fortner | LinkedIn
Stephanie Rochefort
Kelsey Rosenkranz
Phil Gaudreau | CV
Carla Girvin
Jerrica Goodwin
Joe Groat
Kim Rudolph
Carolina Salcedo
Jodie Scoular
Kelly Hall
Katie Hayes
Robert Hickey
Devon Sivill
Abigal Sherstan
Zuzanna Somora | CV
Elana Ilott
Shelley Ingram | Bio
Erin Isings
Stephanie Jeans
Anne Stevenson
Roselyn Templeton
Steven Trottier|LinkedIn
Kay Tse
Virginie Karagirwa | LinkedIn
Jillian Kalinowski
Rachel Velsher
Leslee Vivian
Jocelyn Wady
Amy Watkins
Vince Kanasoot | CV
Brooke Kelly
Amanda Kemsley
Maria Kotovych | CV
Michael Watkins
Lars Wessman
Jackie Westlaken
Brandon Westman | CV
Salem Woodrow
Amanda Zirk

Are you ready for the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® exam?
You should consider writing the exam if you:
  • have graduated within the past five years (or are just about to graduate) from a public relations program and want to demonstrate your foundation of public relations knowledge
  • want to boost your visibility by posting your CV on the CPRS website
  • are motivated to distinguish yourself
  • professional who has been working in a public relations or communications position but not graduated from a public relations study program - in this case, we recommend engaging in significant self-study to familiarize yourself with fundamentals of public relations theory and concepts

Detailed information on the PRK exam is available HERE
    Exam Locations
    Book early to ensure an exam location can be arranged in your city. We do our best to ensure you can write locally but cannot guarantee a location will be found if registration takes place in the last 10 days before the exam.

    Mount Saint Vincent University
    Université de Montréal
    CPRS National Office
    Yorkton, Saskatchewan

    Parkland College, 200 Prystai Way, Yorkton, SK  S3N 4G4

    University of Regina
    Department of Continuing Education
    Grant MacEwan University
    Mount Royal University