Sheridan McVean APR, FCPRS
The National Council on Accreditation shall be responsible for developing and implementing the Accreditation Program and Public Relations Knowledge (PRK) Exam Program. subject to Regulations adopted by the Board.

Presidents' Council The Presidents’ Council is responsible ensures that ideas and best practices consistent with the overall objectives of the National Society are shared among the various Member Societies. The Presidents’ Council may also raise issues and make recommendations to the Board from time to time.

Heather Pullen MCM, APR, FCPRS
The National Council on Public Relations Education is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining CPRS' involvement in PR education by contributing the Canadian perspective to the body of knowledge, developing and managing government training programs, developing standards for public relations education in Canada, and providing input into National student programming.

National Council on Education Annual Report 2017-18

National Committees 2017-18

Audit and Investment
Renee McCloskey APR, FCPRS
The National Audit and Investment Committee shall be responsible for the review of the Auditor's Report, recommending the appointment of the Auditor and reviewing the investment practices of the National Society.
Audit Committee Report 2018 - coming soon
Awards of Excellence
Béatrice Pepper APR, FCPRS
The National Awards Competition Committee shall be responsible for the preparation, implementation and promotion of the National Awards Competition, including:
  • The coordination and processing of all award submissions.
  • The organization of award presentations.
  • The recognition of winning entries in an appropriate manner.
  • The development and maintenance of an awards brochure and other promotional material as needed from time to time.

College of Fellows

Daniel Granger, L.LL., MBA, APR, FSCRP
College of Fellows Annual Report - 2017-18
Dan Muys APR (Hamilton)

Judicial and Ethics
Daniel Granger, L.LL., MBA, APR, FSCRP

  1. The National Judicial and Ethics Committee shall act on behalf of the Board as custodians of, and shall have power to enforce, the Declaration of Principles and the Code of Professional Standards of the National Society both as promulgated and in accordance with these Regulations.
  2. The National Judicial and Ethics Committee, when requested by a Member Society or Member, has the sole responsibility, when resolution has not taken place at the Member Society level, to investigate instances of abuses or misrepresentations under the guise of public relations that appear detrimental to the public welfare, the National Society, the practice of public relations as practised by Members of the National Society, the Declaration of Principles, and the Code of Professional Standards, and shall, after such investigation, take appropriate action, as outlined in these Regulations.
  3. In the development of regulations with respect to the Terms of Reference for the duties of the National Judicial and Ethics Committee and to avoid any conflict of the actions of the National Society with the principles espoused by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the following statement has been considered: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice."
  4. The Society is itself the judge of any alleged infractions by any Member through a duly appointed National Judicial and Ethics Committee acting on behalf of the Board.
Measurement Committee

Maria Antonopoulos

National Membership Task Force
Natalie Tomczak, Wayne Knorr ARP
National Membership Task Force Annual Report 2016-17 (coming soon)
Nominating Committee
Kim Blanchette APR, FCPRS

Professional Development
Tim Conrad APR
The National Professional Development Committee shall be responsible for:
1. The provision of a national mechanism through which existing professional development and training activities offered through Member Societies and other national and international sources can be evaluated and offered on a Canada-wide basis.
2. The establishment of a rational professional development framework to be applied nationally and to provide Members with a consistent sequential set of public relations management and skills-development activities.

Public Relations and Communications
Brigitte Stock, APR
The National Public Relations and Communications Committee shall be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the Public Relations Program of the National Society as approved by the Board. The National Public Relations and Communications Committee shall also have an advisory role on any societal public relations related matters that may come to their attention.

Work Plan Guide for Committees, Councils and Task Forces

The CPRS National Board and the National Office have developed a business structure to ensure actions and results move the Society forward. The Work Plan Guide will help you understand the need for Work Plans, the reporting structure and the budget review process.
For your information, here is the CPRS National Board Work Plan 2012-2013 (Members Only)