APRs Speak Up!

APR Word mark

An APR wordmark designating the professional status for public relations practitioners was established in 2007. The wordmark is available for accredited members to use on business cards, letterhead or websites. To get a high resolution image for your use, please contact the CPRS National Office at 416-239-7034.

APR Pins

Click here to order the CPRS APR pin.

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Accreditation Maintenance

With the challenges facing our profession, Accredited members are encouraged to participate in the CPRS Maintenance of Accreditation program. The voluntary accreditation maintenance program is designed to strengthen the value of the APR designation for the benefit of practitioners, employers and the general public. Make sure you are demonstrating professionalism by maintaining your APR.

APR Volunteers

APRs are needed to assist with the exam process in a variety of ways:

  • Mentoring those entering the process
  • Serving as a local accreditation chair
  • Serving as a regional examiner when you have had your APR for five years
  • Serving as a grader when you have had your APR for five years
  • Serving on the exam development team when you have had your APR for five years
  • Serving on the Accreditation Council when you have had your APR for five years

Demonstrate your professionalism by giving back to the profession. To serve as a volunteer, contact the National Office at 416-239-7034416-239-7034 or email: accreditation@cprs.ca.

CPRS thanks the APR volunteers for their contribution to the accreditation program. Their support as accreditation chairs, Regional Examiners, exam developers, Council members, graders and  invigilators are critical to the success of the program.

APR News

  • APR application deadline is December 1 of each calendar year.